Crystal Coating delivers a unique art related service and unique interieur design with Liquid Gloss coating technology

Liquid Gloss ® is a transparent, syrupy two-component epoxy resin we have used since 1997 as a coating in art, architecture and the catering industry. Because of its composition and the manual casting and manufacturing process, Liquid Gloss® can be used on a wide variety of objects. The high-gloss coating protects colors of valuable paintings and photographs, stops the aging of materials, and prevents stains and scratches on furniture, such as tables and bar tops.

Liquid Gloss is mainly used on wood, metal, paper and textiles. Nevertheless, the resin can be applied to all conceivable materials in varying sizes and shapes. Liquid Gloss makes furniture scratch resistant, beautifully shiny and easy to clean. Tables, bar tops, stools, tiles and many more materials.

Unique coloring process on many surfaces
The resin is designed in such a way to preserve colors and materials in their intended form. In a special process, the resin can be individiual colored.
Design-Development and Bespoke Manufacturing
We develope custom solutions based on the customers ideas. Whether its a piece of art, bar-element or customized furniture. We are looking forward to get into a creative process together with our clients.
Solutions for Gastronomy - Bars - Hotels - Custom Branding
The bandwith of our solutions and concepts is huge, we can assist you with many materials, bespoke furniture and visual art concepts.
The most unique Table-Treatment with a Crystal Coating
We give old wood tables a tough and shiny and very unique surface treatment. Whether its a single table or a series, we are prepared to handle nearly any size.